About plays on ideas

Wim & Pat

We’re Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin. We’ve been married and writing books together for about 25 years. We often talk with each other about stories—where they come from, what they mean, what effect they have on us. So now we’d like to talk over all of that, and more, with you, too.

When one of Wim’s plays was performed as a staged reading in the San Miguel PEN winter lecture series, we put together a little book of his one-acts and called it Plays On Ideas. We soon realized that the things we do—plays, books, poems, sculptures, paintings, videos—are all plays on ideas.

You’ll also find us here:

home at Plays on Ideas

Madeira Press, visionary fiction and literary collections

ChironBooks, books for young readers (ours and others)

Wim on Facebook

Pat on Linked In

One comment on “About plays on ideas

  1. emily gordon says:

    I look forward to reading everything you have done. Emily Gordon

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