About plays on ideas

Wim & Pat

We’re Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin. We’ve been married and writing books together for about 30 years. We often talk with each other about stories—where they come from, what they mean, what effect they have on us. We’ve realized that the things we do—plays, books, poems, sculptures, paintings, videos—are all plays on ideas.


About Story

We have both always loved stories—not just reading and writing them but also discovering how the stories we tell affect our culture and our personal lives. Here’s how we put it in one essay: “Instead of just an ancient configuration of instincts, we also shape our lives with stories: communal stories about goodness and evil, heroism and cowardice, suc­cess and failure—personal stories about responsibilities and relationships and the significance of our desires. As individuals, tribes, and nations, we are guided, even driven, by our stories about what is real and about what matters.”

About Creativity

Says a character in one of our essays, “I think that the relationship of art to reality lies in the creative act itself. It’s not in the images or other results produced. The creation of images is part of the learning process, not something carried out after it.” Creativity is another topic we could go on about. We think that self-expression is an overrated part of making art and stories.

You’ll also find us here:

Pat on Facebook

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home at Plays on Ideas

Madeira Press, visionary fiction and literary collections (ours and others)

ChironBooks, books for young readers (ours and others)

One comment on “About plays on ideas

  1. emily gordon says:

    I look forward to reading everything you have done. Emily Gordon

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