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We’ve had a lot of publications over the years. Here are some of the most fun + free downloads.

4 mystery gllyphsMayan Interface—mysticism, technology, archaeology, authentic Mayan history, and Mayan prophecies for 2012 … challenges, consciousness change, and transformation … September 2012. Lydia’s very survival depends on translating four mysterious glylphs. Learn more.

The Jamais Vu Papers

The Jamais Vu Papers was first published by Harmony Books/Crown in 1991. Although soon out of print, JVP  maintained a following over the years, and by 2010 we were getting complaints from readers who couldn’t find copies. Our new edition won recognition for visionary fiction from the International Book Awards and Eric Hoffer awards, and was also shortlisted for Hoffer’s Montaigne Medal.

The fictional cast of Jamais Vu includes a bored entity called Llixgrijb, the celebrated neuroscientist, Imogene Savonarola, a secret society known as The Ancient Order of the Brothers and Sisters of Thaumaturgy, a cut-rate Venice Beach shaman, a demented deconstructionist scholar, and the elderly ladies of The Elmblight, Ohio, Book Club and Sewing Circle, who in the course of reading The Jamais Vu Papers manage to become a part of the story, threatening to disrupt the fabric of reality. Real-world personalities such as cognitive philosopher Daniel C. Dennett, author Tom Robbins, and physicist Fred Alan Wolf get involved in the story. A lucid-waking adventure, this is our most-often-quoted book.
Learn more.       Buy the new edition.

Anna's World by Wim Coleman and Pat PerrinWe write for young readers too—for various publishers and for our own ChironBooks imprint. All of our ChironBooks publications have won one or more awards. Our YA historical novel, Anna’s World, has won four and is also loved by many adults. Our YA and tween books are available in paperback and in all ebook formats.
See all ChironBooks.      Buy Anna’s World.

Juggler in the WindJuggler in the Wind has a completely new take on the ancient Olympian deities. We were delighted when one blogger called it “a journey of the soul.” This is a visionary adventure for YA and adults. Learn more.
Buy Juggler in the Wind.

Wim is an award-winning playwright and has several published books of plays. Nine Muses is especially popular with high school, middle school, and community theater groups.
More about plays.     More about Nine Muses.     Buy Nine Muses.

CreativityWe occasionally contribute to other publicationsranging from the Storytelling Encyclopedia to several editions of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. Our stories and essays have appeared in the online literary magazine Sol and the Reality Club anthologies Creativity and Speculations.

  • Download “Media-Neutral” from Speculations: The Reality Club 1
  • Download “Reveyesed Is” from Creativity: The Reality Club 4

These are out of print, but you can often find them from various sellers—

The Secret World of Unicorns by Pat Perrin. In a series of stories and imaginative “nonfiction” pages, Pat tells all about unicorns—where they live, what they eat (some eat clouds and rainbows!), and how to decipher mysterious unicorn hoof markings. This gorgeously illustrated book features scrapbook pages, postcards, news clips, and treasured mementos. It includes 4 collectible unicorn figurines. (Silver Dolphin Books)

Terminal Games, published by Bantam as by Cole Perriman, and translated into German (3 editions), Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian. Terminal Games has been taught in courses about literature and contemporary culture at several leading universities, including Princeton and the University of Virginia.

Marilyn Ferguson's Book of Pragmagic

We launched our first collaborative project in 1987, when we were both on the staff of Marilyn Ferguson’s newsletter Brain/Mind Bulletin. We proposed a book based on the Bulletin, organized, edited, updated, and commented on published research, and also collected and created related exercises and sidebars. We even did the page layout for PragMagic.

Marilyn Ferguson’s Book of PragMagic (Pocket Books, 1990) was also published in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese editions.

4 comments on “Books & Downloads

  1. Your books sound fascinat8ng – just my cup of tea… terribly impressed that you worked on Brain/MInd Bulletin
    and love the look of the Unicorn Book – magic stuff…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where can I buy books 2 and 3 of the Wand Bearer’s Trilogy?

    • playsonideas says:

      This story has expanded quite a bit and we’re still working on it. We’re going to put up an excerpt on this blog soon, so you can check back for that. We really appreciate your interest and your query.

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